About Me

Mel - Head Down Skydiving Group Pic

That’s me in the white suit. :) This is a skills camp I helped lead in Lake Elsinore with a fantastic group of female skydivers working their way to the next Women’s Vertical World Record. We got the record later that year, 41 women in the sky upside down, going fast, all together. Incredible. (Photo credit: M. Modini)

Mel-Nick House Jumping Pic

This is our idea of what kind of picture needs to go on a holiday card. Every time I look at it, I cry laughing. Love it.

Family Dinner

Family dinners!! Quality time is worth our time. :)

Space Needle

Travel! I am a prolific traveler and love everything about seeing the world, experiencing new places, and gaining new perspective. Be careful though, you don’t want to almost fall off the top of the Seattle Space Needle like we did.

NOLA - Girls at Nite

Friendship. My Middlebury girlfriends and I are still tight after all these years.