Coaching Services

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Sample Session – $97

If you’re feeling stuck, this is the kickstart. One 1-hour call to see what this whole coaching thing is all about. Try it on for size, see if it’s for you, see if we’re a good fit, and a lot of new ideas to get you going.  Either way, you will leave this call with achievable goals for the week, and a plan of attack to get you started on whatever it is you want to do. With the Sample Session, you get unlimited email with me for the week too, where we can continue our conversation, and keep you accountable to following through on making inspired changes.
Everything is possible, and this is where we start.

Purchase your session, and I will email you directly to schedule:

Or simply email me at and we can pay and schedule that way! :)

Full Coaching Packages:

Silver Package – $450/Month

For the peeps that want to do it really bad, but need the most economical option possible to feel good about it and commit.


  • Four 30-minute calls, one per week
  • Unlimited email
  • 3 month minimum commitment
To get started… :)

Gold Package – $550/Month

Middle ground.


  • Four 45-minute calls, one per week
  • Unlimited email
  • 3 month minimum commitment
  • Option to add on the ELI Assessment for $250 in first two weeks
    ($300 value, see details below)
Any other questions you have…  :)

Platinum Package – $650/Month

All the bells and whistles. Full-on, everything you can get. The BEST value!


  • Four 1-hour calls, one per week
  • Unlimited email
  • ELI Assessment and Debrief to start the relationship ($350 value, see details below)
  • One 15-min emergency call per month as necessary
  • 3 month minimum commitment
To take the leap and go for it…! :)

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**Including: The Energy Leadership Self Assessment and Debrief

 ”Figuring out why we react the ways we do, gives us powerful insight into ourselves. With that insight and awareness, we literally can design our lives, design ourselves.. we can choose how we want to engage with others, in our love relationships, at work, with ourselves, and with the world.  With that consciousness, everything is possible.”
~Melanie Curtis, Energy Leadership Master Practitioner

Click HERE for all the info… or purchase below and Mel will email you personally:

Price $350 (one time fee)


Speaking Engagements

Click HERE for more information on getting Melanie to speak at your event!

Online Webinars – Events & Education

  • Webinars and courses on specific topics. For people who can’t afford full-on coaching, but still want access to awesome info and education. Revolutionize your life here too.
  • Click on: EVENTS or EDUCATION… Sign up for upcoming live events, interactive classes. Also grants you access to the replays of classes.
  • Any questions, email me anytime,  :)

Food for thought…

  • Think of the three things you want most in your life… what if I told you, you could have those things, and more in 3 months. WHAT WOULD THAT BE WORTH TO YOU?
  • The introspective process of life coaching has the power to change our lives in a very short period of time. Bottom line, it works, peeps. I can tell you from personal experience, or read any or all of the testimonials on my page. It WORKS. All you have to do is find the courage to jump in. My suggestion is head first. Hehe…
  • If you’re feeling inspired, drop me a line and we’ll do this thing… :)

Skydive Coaching and Event Organizing
(for experienced skydivers only)

  • $400 per day for focused coaching (plus travel and accommodation if not local)
  • $400 per day for organizing at events (plus travel and accommodation if not local)
  • $75/jump for one-off jumps
  • $75 per 15-minutes of wind tunnel coaching
  • * Special wind tunnel camps in Paraclete and Skyventure AZ or other tunnels can be organized on request.
  • * Special skydiving camps/events anywhere in the world can also easily be organized on request, simply email me at and we will make it happen

Client Testimonials

Who cares what it looks like… if it works for you, that’s what we’re gonna do.

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